Why I describe me as a clinical and therapeutic holistic?

Because i’m a clinical psychologist by vocation and I continue to training me to better accompany and transform people in a global or holistic way without stop me in symptoms . Because we are one, body, mind and sprit! We have ancestors, and we come our  in this earth to learn, evolve and transform our lifes to become who we were in the birth moment: happy, healthy, full of curiosity and in the powerful present moment!

I accompany to transform lives avec all my experience, after nearly 20 years et because I’m a transform woman now, because I’m love, peace, acceptance and wholeness and I have accompanied more than 2000 people to transform their lives. And I want to accompany you to transform your life also in love, peace, security and to be enough!  Avec all my love and inconditionel acceptance.


Why I've decided to give my transformational services online?

ssBecause 2 and a half years of pandemic time have showed me that internet has help everyone to feel less alone and more connected in compulsory’s time of no connections with others and because i feel inside me a lot of pain floating in this world so I decide send my light in the social media and internet to go out of my little town and help more people in bad mood and distress in this uncertain world. This is my biggest motivation and my actual mission. More people transformed in Peace an love, we can all together make a more humain world! 


Why I propose my services in three languages?

First of all because I love differents languages, cultures and to comunicate! I lived in Colombia, Spain and now 22 years and for the moment in Belgium. And the third reason it’s because my experience in Brussels, cosmpolite capital has taught me that we are all the same and in the same time uniques!  We are the same in our distress and psychologic problems and we are uniques in our values. I feel myself citizen of the worldcpable  and the three languages makes me feel  Je me sens citoyenne du monde et les trois langues me font sentir capable d’accompagner une bonne panoplie de personnes en detresse à se transformer et de façon, transformer le monde!

Why I can accompany you to transform your LIFE?

Because with the same therapies I propose you, I’ve transformed my personal and profesional life . And because I know my capacities: listen with all my heart and my full presence, I understand quick the global situation of someone to come to me. Because I’m compassion, empathic and in my values I love accompany others to evolve and transform theirs lifes, so all we can live happy, in peace and with enthousiasm as I really feel. I live in love with my partner, 33 years and we have three wonderful and happy teenagers who we love, they are in perfect health, and they are really confidents! And also because I have already nearly 20 year of succès profesionnel and I have transform lives from more than 2000 people, and they live also in Peace, health and harmony. 

I’m going to continue to transform people all my life, because it’s my mission and my biggest contribution to this world to be a better place to live all together in peace, harmony, happiness and abondance. J

Why this prices for my sessions?

Because I know how much time and money I have take to transform myself and I accompany with honesty and in an holistic way. And also because I have taught that who doesn’t know really well and to the best to being in good mood, shape and happy each day, must to pay more in health or worse in ilness, or even life, and others problems as profesionels, partners or social problems, etc… 

If you want receive more information,

please send me a message!

Clinical psychologist and holistic psychotherapist, I’m transform myself and I feel gratitude and wholeness, so this is my mission . I work online, face to face, one to one and in groupe! If you have arrived here, it’s because I can accompany you to transform your life. Nothing is chance! 

First transformation: become clinical psychologist after be economist.

After 14 years being economist and seen so much stress, burn-out, anxietys and dramas, I’d decided to become a clinical psychologist to understand what’s happening in a brain for not to be happy and in peace. So I change also my personal life and become a wholeness woman happy, love, peace and acceptance after being a speedy woman, not in good shape, with a lot of angers and charging with , j’ai décidé ecouter mon coeur et me former en psychologie clinique et passer d’étre un femme un peu grosse qui courai par tout sans savoir pour quoi, pleine de colères et chargeant un passé de deuils et sans trouver ma place au monde, à me sentir en pleine forme physique, en paix, pleine de amour et totalement transformé en Plenitude. Heureuse de continuer à transmitir ma lumière avec ma mission au monde. Si j’ai pu le faire, et les plus de 2000 personnes que j’ai accompanés aussi, tu peux te transformer avec mes séances brèves!  Je suis Luz Granados Lond