E.M.D.R ou Traitement adaptatif de l’information

Indications:  petit ou grand trauma et pour transformer les cognitions NÉGATIVES sur soi.

En caso de: traumas pequeños o grandes y  para transformar las cogniciones en negativas.

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Transformation rapide par hypnose

Je continue à me former pour t’aider à réaliser la VIE DE TES RÊVES

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Feel yourself accompanied in this vital objet

of tranforming your life 

    See the transformative light,

    at the end:

    luz Granados Londoño 


    Clinical psychologist and holistic psychotherapist, that is, I accompany people as a whole and not only treating symptoms.   For more than 15 years I have accompanied thousands of people to transform themselves and in these turbulent times the deep desire of my soul is to be able to accompany and transform more people, thousands at a distance.

    Especially to those professionals who feel physically and psychologically exhausted and to those people who want to transform their lives.

    I trained in clinical psychology after being an economist and having worked more than 10 years in the financial sector. In this work I overcame the wear and tear and the serious consequences of a personal and emotional malaise.  That’s how I decided to train in clinical psychology to accompany me to transform the mental burdens that can destroy our lives and that of others (sometimes those we love the most). The neuro sciences have allowed me to work with people with addictions to alcohol and tobacco and this has allowed me to continue training because addictions are often the tip of the iceberg of multiple problems and this has made me a holistic psychotherapist who knows how to transform and accompany with experience, powerful tools and love and compassion to those who want to live in Peace,  harmony, happiness and coherence. It’s my life’s mission.


    T’accompagner à te tranformer est la mission de ma vie!